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Our corporate offices can be reached through the following mailing address and telephone numbers:

Balas Inc.
1080 Kingsland Drive
Batavia, Illinois 60510-2287

Voice 630-406-7971
Facsimile 630-406-7985

The following individuals are available to discuss your requirements. Please remove the blanks from the e-mail address and include the name on the "To", "Cc", or "Bcc" lines when contacting the previous individuals. We use the name as a watermark to filter out unwanted mail and solicitations.
Mr. Joseph K. Drag
Office 630-406-7971 Ext. 13
Cellular 630-417-3506
JKDrag @ balas . com

Mr. Alan J. Drag
Vice President - Operations
Office 630-406-7971 Ext. 11
Cellular 630-461-2889
AJDrag @ balas . com

Mr. Mark J. Drag
Vice President - Facilities
Office 630-406-7971 Ext. 15
Cellular 630-327-4295
MJDrag @ balas . com

The following departments are available to answer your questions:
Accounts Payable
Office 630-406-7971 Ext. 10

Accounts Receivable
Office 630-406-7971 Ext. 10

Office 630-406-7971 Ext. 10

Technical Support
Office 630-406-7971 Ext. 14
Cellular 314-496-3777

You can also request a quote by completing our quote form or contact us by completing our comments form.

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